Learning Abled Kids This site has lots of extremely useful resources for all learning disabilities .
BBC Schools BBC Bitesize
Khan Academy
Cool Tools - A Compendium of Internet Tools Useful for Schools
On-line stopwatch
Clip art library (3000 images -especially useful for language teachers)
Quizlet This is an excellent free study tool which allows you to create lists of key words with definitions and pictures can be added if helpful. These can then be turned into flashcards, quizzes, games and other modes of learning. The beauty of Quizlet is that there are hundreds of lists already created by teachers. For example a search on electricity will bring up lists already created on that topic. A search on times tables will bring up lists of times tables of varying levels of difficulty. For those with difficulty in reading the programme will read the text aloud. There is also a free mobile app available so learning can take place anywhere.

Learn to Type online
BBC Typing Course Type Online UK Typing Test



learning2spell free online spelling test and spelling practise
Spelling game - choose the correct word from a pair
Look, cover, write, check (choose from selected words or create your own list)
Put in your own words then choose games to help learn the words


Match synonyms 1 Match synonyms 2 Match synonyms 3 Match synonyms 4
Choose the correct definition
Vocabulary Co. - vocabulary games
Idioms Idioms quizzes


Grammar Quizzes
Easy grammar Quizzes


Readtheory - a free online comprehension programme which automatically adjusts students to their level


Learn how to write a sentence
Writing a topic sentence
How to write a paragraph


Telling time -interactive clock
Estimating angles -interactive
Exploring Place value -interactive
Place value game
Isometric drawing tool
Nets - see how shapes are made from their net
Volume -how many cubes fit the shape interactive
Coolmath - properties of geometric shapes
Geometry - transformations
Fractions Fraction Games
Coolmath Algebra lessons Coolmath Algebra practice Purple math Algebra
Coolmath-graphing parabolas
Interactive Factor Tree Game

Click below to find more useful maths sites on the Dyscalculia page
More maths sites


Good General Sites

Woodlands Science Pages Bitesize Science Learnanytime ScienceKids

Specific Topics

Light -interactive prism
The Dynamic Earth and Plate Tectonics
The Rock Cycle
Carbon Cycle Interactive game
DNA and genetics
Periodic Table - visual (flash) Periodic Table - visual (HTML)
Electricity Electricity and Circuits (interactive) Electric circuits (Interactive and quiz) Interactive Electrical Circuits
How the body works Position the body parts
The human body This site highlights all the body systems interactively (very detailed)
Acid and Bases Activity
Photosynthesis /leaf structure


Accounting Coach

Geography, History, and Social Studies

Latitude and longitude - interactive map
Geographical Knowledge Quiz

The Civil Rights Movement in the US

Origins of WWII
World War I and II
WWII -Animated battles (Pacific)
Life in Britain during WWII

Settlement of the American West
19th Century emigration to New Zealand
Junior History online


Pronouncing dictionary -type in a word and hear how to say it
On-line pronunciation guide (choice of 9 dialects)
Graded English Dictations online
Use pictures sounds and games to memorise vocab
International Phonetic Symbols for English with sound

Good general ESOL sites
English as a Second Language - Rong Chang Lee
Learn English online
Fun easy English
OUP -The English File

Click below to go to the Dyslexia Page which lists more sites to help read English
Learn to read on line


To Learn French
About.com - French language
Languages Online Languages Online (Aus)
BBC Bitesize French
Bonjour - read, listen then repeat useful French sentences
Illustrated vocabulary quiz
Interactive French Powerpoints
Interactive grammar exercises
Choose your path Harry Potter Adventure in French
Learn French through interactive fairy tales
Text- to- speech - Type in word and hear how it is pronounced
Learnanytime French

Dictionary and more : Eng/Fren-Fren/Eng-Fren/Fren

**Click here for an index and links to loads of other interactive French websites**


Learn te Reo online
Interactive guide to basic Maori
Online English/Maori dictionary
Online keyboard for Maori macrons