Exam Preparation

During the Year
  • Attend classes
  • Pay attention
  • Take good notes
  • Listen for signal statements which tell you what it is important to write down
  • Ask questions when you don't understand
  • Do the homework which has been set
  • Organise your notes and glue in loose sheets or place them in a folder
  • If you miss a class make sure you photocopy any notes and get any handouts
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Study Skills


  • Don't leave study to the last minute
  • Plan a revision timetable and keep to it
  • Understand, don't just memorise
  • Get help if you find you don't understand
  • Use memory aids such as mnemonics, flashcards and colour codes
  • Use all your senses -read aloud
    - write out summaries and key words
    - draw diagrams or mind maps
  • Study actively
Active Study
Do you:
¨Highlight key words as you read and study
¨Underline key words as you read and study
¨Write down key words as you read and study
¨ Ask questions as you read and study
¨ Brainstorm
¨Make mindmaps
¨Discuss topics and problems with a friend
¨Set tasks or questions to answer when watching a video
¨Prepare questions to answer as you read
Passive Study
Do you:
¨Read notes uncritically
¨Read notes with arms folded
¨Study while watching TV
¨Watch a video without focus or setting yourself tasks
¨Study without thinking
¨Study without asking questions

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Revision tips

Before the Exam
  • Go over the key points
  • Get a good night's rest
  • Check your equipment and the time and location of the exam
  • Have a good breakfast
  • Keep calm and stay positive

At the exam

  • Read the exam directions carefully.
  • Work out how long to spend on each question
  • Allow more time for questions with more marks
  • Read all the questions through first
  • Tick the ones you want to answer
  • Reread the chosen questions before answering
  • Start with the one you know best
  • Keep to the time you have worked out
  • Remember the first few marks are easier to get the the last few!

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