What is dyspraxia?

Developmental dyspraxia is an impairment or immaturity of the organisation of movement. It is an immaturity in the way that the brain processes information, which results in messages not being properly or fully transmitted. The term dyspraxia comes from the word praxis, which means 'doing, acting'. Dyspraxia affects the planning of what to do and how to do it. It may affect any aspect of development - physical, intellectual, emotional, social, language, and sensory.
Areas the student may have difficulties in:-

·General organisational problems
·Left/right confusion
·Poor memory retention
·Unable to remember and/or follow instructions
·Poor attention span
·Poor listening skills
·Difficulties in copying from the whiteboard
·Poor pencil grip
·Poor/immature drawing skills
·Co-ordination problems/clumsiness
·Easily distracted /daydreamer/slow to finish a task
·Poor sequencing skills (Maths)
·Poor self awareness
·Low self esteem
·Social skills
·Emotional immaturity due to frustration


·Give handouts where possible
·Give clear instructions in small steps
·Use visual prompts
·Make expectations clear/explicit verbal instructions
·Be concrete, not abstract
·Keep surroundings simple i.e. avoid clutter


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