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Dyscalculia or math disability is a specific learning disability involving innate difficulty in learning or comprehending mathematics. The name derives from the Greek work dys meaning badly and the Latin verb calculare, to calculate. It includes all types of maths problems ranging from inability to understand the meaning of numbers to inability to apply maths principles to solve problems. In some people it may only manifest as a difficulty with arithmetic.


Delay in counting and in using counting strategies
Difficulty with concepts of time and direction
Poor mental maths ability
Trouble estimating
Difficulty with place value including aligning numbers in columns
Difficulty with maths expressed in word problems
Difficulty understanding quantity and linking spoken or written numbers with quantity
Difficulty grasping and remembering mathematical concepts, rules and formulas
Difficulty using calculators
Difficulty with money, budgeting and financial planning
Difficulty playing strategy games like chess, bridge or role-playing
Difficulty keeping score when playing board and card games.

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Useful apps
Photo math This free app allows you to use your phone or other device to photograph a maths problem and then takes you through the solution in steps.

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