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Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities
Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities

Learning Support Christchurch Boys' High School

Christchurch Boys’ High School recognises that some students require additional resources and individualised programmes in order to develop social and emotional skills to reach their full potential. Resources will be made available to meet the identified students’ needs.

OUR GOAL: To make learning happen by removing the barriers.

What are the barriers to learning?
Learning disabilities and difficulties
Inadequate literacy skills
Inadequate numeracy skills
Previous failure - low self esteem - lack of confidence - lack of prior learning
Poor skills in organisation - poor time management -lack of motivation

Consult with parents, teachers, students and outside agencies to determine the nature of the difficulty.

Liaise with parents by:
- Communicating through telephoning, emailing, reports and holding meetings.
- Encourage their assistance by :
  • monitoring their son’s homework;
  • listening to them reading or reading with them;
  • testing their spelling and tables;
  • providing a study area with suitable tools.

Assist teachers by:
- Providing support in classroom
- Withdrawing students to work one on one or in small groups to help fill in gaps
- Adapting texts to suit appropriate learning levels
- Writing programmes and demonstrating them e.g. spelling
- Implementing IEP’s when needed
- Monitoring student performance
- Arranging for senior students to peer tutor younger students

Assist students by:
- Providing a safe and caring environment
- Inviting them to attend various tutorials e.g. reading mileage, handwriting,
study skills
- Providing reader/writers in tests and exams
- Providing peer tutors
- Supplying strategies in order for them to cope better in the classroom
- Providing opportunities to use computer programmes to practise spelling,
reading, mind-mapping, spatial awareness and memory skills.

A referral for learning support can be made by the dean, classroom teacher, parent or student.

It is vital that you notify the school if your son has any learning disabilities. NZQA requires evidence that an applicant has trialled special assessment conditions in school assessments and exams. NZQA also has very strict timetables and guidelines on applying for special assessment conditions. We need to know about your son's disabilities so that we can advise on the need for obtaining psychometric assessments. If you have had a psychometric assessment done please let Learning Support have a copy.

Information for parents on Special Assessment Conditions